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POLL: What 10 songs would you most like to appear on Muse's 20th anniversary tour?


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FAWY, RBS, Fury, Assassin, CoD, Glorious, Space Dementia, Showbiz, HT&ILY, HCM


This would be easier if it was alphabetical.


It went by era of major releases then b-sides.


No Blackout, man. This poll is currupted and heretic. And you should be Ashamed.


Shit! Can't believe I left that out.. Fuck, balls.


What the fuck is mike scarabino


I have no idea..

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But Abso->BH&R->T2L->OoS->TR->Showbiz?


Era according to my iTunes. :LOL:


Yeah the order is a bit weird, couldn't you change it?


I posted it on the fb page I admin (United States of Porchetta), tomorrow it will be shared on the Coro Happy B-Day M too


I'll see what I can do!


Thank you Fabri!

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It sounds Italian. I blame you.


How many people are gonna think this is directly from Muse or something?


He's actually american (of obvious italian origins though, the worst mix)


The ones who voted for Starlight, Hysteria, Knights, Supermassive, Uprising and PiB

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