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Matthew Bellamy is the greatest composer since 1995

Terence Mckenna

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Well... I accept that everybody understands things differently but there's only so much you can get out of certain songs, Survival for example.


Race, life's a race

and I'm gonna win


I suppose you can take it as a comment on evolution and Darwinism, but it's hardly the most subtle example.


I thought that was actually what Survival was about...


That and Doomsday Preppers.


I try and look at it as what it is; a non-serious song just meant to be fun and stupid, but I never managed to get over my feeling of horror the first time I heard it.


And I think "NWO-tinged" is taking it a bit far, too.

I think feelings of paranoia and anger over the banking crisis, excessive influences of big corporations on the government and the world at large, and such are highly relatable to a lot of the population.

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To be honest I judge anyone who thinks Matt's NWO-tinged crap and commentary on the state of the world is poignant.


I wouldn't say I 'judge' them per say, but I definitely roll my eyes whenever I see any of the "omg he mentioned the all seeing eye, hes soooo revolutionary <33" or "ooh, very politics, much edgy" comments.

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