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We Are Scientists ignored advice from Muse on new album


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Dom Howard suggested the band go heavier




We Are Scientists have revealed they were offered advice on their new album from Dominic Howard of Muse - but then quickly disregared all suggestions that they make their album heavier.


Speaking to Gigwise, the band explained that their forthcoming fifth LP "is not a heavy album in any way... I mean it has some heavy moments, but we decided that nobody in the Muse camp really seemed to know what worked."


The band then joked (at least we think they were joking) "They're not a terribly successful band, so we disregarded his arty idea about what sells."

"It was while we were on tour with Muse" explained Keith Murray, the band's lead singer, "so I think he was watching us, and he saw how muscular and potent our live show was, and I think it was just him begging us to give him the heavy We Are Scientists album of his dreams."


We Are Scientists were at Camden Barfly last night performing to just a few hundred competition winners, and were keen to distance themselves from Muse's approach to live shows. "Our live show is pretty much the opposite of theirs. I think we tend to go more personal and interactive on a one-to-one level... which, you know, may be the wrong tactic.


"We're selling one album at a time - they're selling 30,000 albums at a time, with their big old screens and their flame shooting robots." We assume they're referring to Muse's 'Charles The Massive Robot', a 16 foot robot that performs with Muse at their gigs.





Where's our heavy Muse album, Dom? :phu::LOL:

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I was watching this We Are Scientists interview earlier and came across this random bit where Keith is talking about the "advice" Dom gave them about a heavier album. Pretty funny! Especially like the part where he is asked what advice he would have for Muse on their next album. I love WAS. They crack me up.


Starting at 10:24.



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I'm glad they did! New one is perfect as is and yes, they are never serious. Also glad their gigs are intimate. Saw them Thursday and Keith jumped into the crowd for the Great Escape. I got to bounce around and sing with him. Was glorious. Go away, Dom. :phu:

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