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FAKE Autographs on Ebay


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Hi guise,


Hoping to do something useful, I want to let you know that me and other collectors are maintaining a thread @ musecollectors.com to help you avoid buying fake autographs on ebay.


The thread is updated once we spot new fake items but I also post what I believe are genuine signatures.


I'll try and post the URL of the items here too!






addsfsds aka nikomuse aka @sh1n3d

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Hi Peter, I see your point :) I met muse back in 2006 and had some albums and a single autographed, then bought some signed stuff from ebay beacause it was either cheap, great or rare items!


For example I have a signed copy of Showbiz that was autographed at Solo Music in Exeter during very few early signing sessions promoting the album. It's in silver sharpie and got full names and surnames, it's impossible to obtain stuff like that in person nowadays :)

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I thought the point of an autograph is that you get it personally from the artist, so it means something special (well, for you at least :p ). I don't really see the point of buying one.


I agree. I was tempted before to pickup a signed something of Muse online, but never did cause of the price and high amount of fakes that exist.


Now that I have my OoS signed by the boys after playing a game of ping pong with them, I'm so glad I really got to have them sign it and not just buy it.

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Uhhh I entered a contest through twitter on SiriusXM. They draw came and went I heard nothing (as usual). Then Monday morning SiriusXM messaged me on twitter told me I won. Turns out the event was tuesday morning in NYC (I'm basically in Toronto). Upon reading the rules it was not open to Canadians. I asked them, and they said because it was so last minute, they would allow it. So I got off work and me and a buddy drove over night to NYC.


Went to the event, could hardly even function I was so excited and it all felt so surreal. It was only Matt and Dom who were there, had a ping pong tournament with them, they did some interviews with the guys and got to shoot the shit with them briefly, get something signed.


Even though Chris was not there, a friend I met at the competition ended up going and finding him at his soccer match he hosted in NYC and got him to sign something for me too and mailed it to me (some people are just amazing).


We got to keep our paddles from the Ping Pong tournament, and since we were basically tourists in NYC we still had them on us at the concert (which the band gave us tickets to as well. It was only suppose to be for winners of the tournament, and we came 2nd).


We were left stage one of first few rows, right next to the upper platform. When matt was up there singing for one song (can't recall which now) 4 of us all waved our paddles and yelled at Matt, he saw us and laughed at us between lyrics, was pretty awesome. Also got Dead Star (after just seeing it in Toronto). Also got Fury/Agitated in Pittsburgh.


Overall, amazing tour, 5 gigs, ping pong, and some epic rarities.

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Wow!! Thanks for sharing...sounds just amazing! :) Though I can't believe they only gave you ONE day's notice??!!? :eek: Did you ask Matt when the next album will be out? ;);)


Well one of the original winners I guess bailed out or something (idiots). So We were like a last minute pick to fill in that kind of idea.


At that point in time I was still so involved with the current album, next album was not even a thought yet.


Weird ground of people that won. There were 5 winners, and they all got a +1. One girls +1 didn't come with cause she was too hung over or something, and the girl that did come hardly said a word. Another was a kid (18sh?) and his dad. He showed up in his Resistance Album shirt, and had went to the store and had bought a copy of The 2nd Law to be signed. I shit you not he opened it and removed the cellophane almost directly infront of Matt and Dom to get it signed. Another ground seemed like okay fans. I ended up becoming good friends with the last girl that won though.


Partied it up Pre MSG show. Still stay in touch now. She met Chris at his soccer game and got me an autograph and mailed me it. She also flew to Pittsburgh and met us there and went to that gig. It turned out to be the infamous Catherines 100th gig and we got Fury and Agitated.


Unreal experience, I don't know how to make the next tour any better than this one was!

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