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Hi all,


As an alternative present for you lovely lot, I dug up my footage of the Trafalgar Square singalong from 2007. I've cut it all together into a little highlights package and given you the some of the best bits! :)



For those who missed it - for three hours, us crazy Muse fans in our younger days got together and had a singalong before the first Wembley gigs in 2007. (For me, the Wembley gig hasn't been topped - Emirates gigs earlier this year are a close second though). I tried to get in as many faces as possible into the video - so see if you can spot yourself.


The event raised money for The Helen Foundation (Muse are patrons of this charity), Multiple Sclerosis Society UK and Cancer Research UK. Tom Kirk's dad, Roger, made a speech and thanked everyone for attending. There's also some nice shots at the end of the flags and posters etc.


Highlights for me are the air-piano, Muse pants, Crazy Bob's spectacular fall after the line "I won't leave you falling", and some of those.. ahem... high notes!


Have a great Christmas everyone,




Please move this if I've put it in the wrong section.

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I've just received a lovely email from Roger and Annie at the Helen Foundation. They said they're going to feature the video in their January newsletter and pass the link on to Tom Kirk and Muse :D How exciting!!!


You deserve it! It's stuff like this that the makes the whole community great and hey while you may not do it to be recognised for it, it's nice to get something back considering you've given us a sweet gift here :p

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