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How'd you work that out?


"if Santa & co and Muse are working together" - Santa only has acoustic guitar.

"Combined LP/CD-player" - Math pop music

"11:11th - row 1:center seat 11! " - 11:11 =1 so it comes out 1st january.

"Well, elves have a diverse taste" - They don't want it out on Christmas day because they are into darkpop. 1st January, hangover is more dark and realistic.

"Undisclosed desires' bi-side" - So it cannot be a new LP but shorter. Also it's bi.

etc. etc.

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Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised.

But what about the 11:11th ? The film was released in November (11) but the premiere wasn't on the 11th...


maybe try 11:11 minute on DVD ? I dont have it with myself so I cant look. Maybe theres some clue there :D Or maybe im just brain dead, I keep seeing an eye in the water, on one of the pictures. It's creeping me out :D But that has to be just coincidence. :D

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