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Those crazy elves took over! Luckily, Rudolph hinted about beeelzebathtub so the vid-links are now edited to point there. More to come if we survive the manners of Christmas.


~Major Tom~

"XSI, sorry about that!"

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Rudolph went over hills and mountains to recover the important information that enabled the fix. It was soo long gone that we prolly would need to do it some bar-berrying.


And Its' well known red nose, the guiding light, is now hybridized with the great Chewbacca magic.


Perhaps we all have some elfy christmattymechanics ting ting going on in us.



~Jangel Red~

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Now that this thread has been woven into rather mixed type.


Would anyone care to share sum light on the curiosity of there being talk about the reflections on the videos before any views.


Elves at work?



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at the origin of every reflection is the observer. there is some erie guiding like light recreating the Hullabaloo cover art, it looks like some MK Ultra master bakers have been cooking cds and vinyl in their ovens and using blowtorches for some bendy action, signed showbiz cds, a signed showbiz lp cover,


in the 2nd law blingblings there was a reflection of the three wise kings from The Resistance photo print which came as part of The Resistance box set, sparkly encrusted vinyl


Building HAARP, many reflections here, cds, the cameraperson reflected off of the white board, a hand can be clearly visible reflected off of a cd holding the camera, a clock, a signed showbiz cd in the great glass tower, and a plug in baby vinyl. all to the sound of Joanne Shenandoah, lovely.


starsailor was singing a Lullaby in the video with diverse taste, there were reflections of pyramids in cds


One of the elves baking cookies was wearing a white top, who had black wavy hair, there were reflections of balls wearing elastic bands, cookie cutters, muse cd singles, also saw a round white plate hanging from the celing.


I see a Tom Kirk peeking whilst demonstrating how elves peek, not so hide and seek oh hairy one, stealthish yes


The Tree of life is a very reflective picture, with all the colours of the rainbow and a fan of reflective light, very twisty shiney.

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