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Have you ever wondered if Santa & co and Muse are working together?

Yes indeed - Here, we are proud to present some juicy, proofy pieces straight from the bakery. Are you ready?




Observing some strange resemblance to the dvd near the roof.


Undisclosed desires' bi-side:

"Relight meow fire"



Composition style for Maddhew's tune

"It's in the water baby"



"Do you see what we see?"


Some anonymous papa went a little wild with his new Mast-git..



Elves at awe for 2nd law's special limited with some nice shapes & blings..


And here's the result!

"Combined LP/CD-player"



Some crazy kids wished HAARP for Christmas...

But Santa delivers!


"Oops, a wrong band!"

Well, elves have a diverse taste ;)


Matt's @ the G..C..we mean..

"Kate's dna/dvd"



"Tree of Life"



And finally the real Santa himself,

11:11th - row 1:center seat 11!


Merry Christmas everybing!

Thank You, Truly, Muse




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Sorry about the vid links every1, elves are wonderful creatures full of surprises but even them can not sometimes get a hang of how much work it is to try out all non-elfy-cloud services for a one with nice renaming function.


So here you go kiddies!

(Santa needs now a little private moment for residing in some bona fiiine acid to finish off his duties in time)



and Ho, ho, ho!

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