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What will become of T2L songs next tour?

Spectrum IV

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till i can hear the new album i won't make any statement.

i think their future gigs will be more Rome-oriented.




if the new album is more rock oriented that don't change the fact they won't skip popular singles.


No one said they would skip popular singles though? I just picked out your nonsense rotations.

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Yeah that's a good use of time.

Well it's not really a song that should take up a slot. They barely play and Matt doesn't sing so...


The reason I want it to stick around is because I love it as an opener (encore opener included)

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I think the chances of Madness going away are slim to none, although I got real sick of it live early on, just from all the TV performances, etc, and it was one that wasn't better in person, imo.


I hope Uns and IS are gone... I really did like them as opener and encore opener, respectively, but they are also a bit long for those roles, and hopefully something new comes along.


I would actually be sad if Follow Me went away...


And kinda happy if I never had to see Survival again.

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Some Supremacy (I still like it)

No Madness

Panic Station (lolgoawayfabri)

Some Survival

No Follow Me

Some Animals (I feel like it should be a part-timer)

No Explorers


Some Save Me (Haven't seen it yet ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.)

Some Liquid State (Probably should rotate the two songs with like a 5:2 ratio in favour of LS.)

Some Unsustainable (Works fine as an occasional opener/encore opener)

No Isolated System (Long, boring, droll, dull, tedious, did I mention it was boring?)

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No Jazzthief


The 2nd Law simply doesn't have anything worth carrying over to the next tour. Wouldn't mind Follow Me and Panic Station popping up from time to time, but the other songs were just boring live (especially Supremacy). Liquid State was somewhat fun, but I'd rather have some other heavy/fast song instead of that.

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