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i was going to do god rest ye merry gentlemen then remembered how much i love patapan - french musers will probably know that tune better than others, i think?

the key change up a third is basically stolen from the mannheim steamroller arrangement which is infinitely better than this synth-obsessed amateur attempt

Mais ouuui, je me souviens! Took me a bit to recognise it but I have definitely heard it somewhere before. I love the synths and the bouncy melody on this. And gladly it has less piccolo than expected. :p
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Finally got to record a cover of Coldplay's Christmas Lights last night...




hope Ryan won't be mad at me for choosing the same song?! I've been playing this one for a long time now because it sounds nice fingerpicked (I think)!


Merry Christmas you all. x


would ya stop not mad!

lovely version :)

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