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Muse not planning any UK festivals for 2014


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Muse have seemingly quashed hopes of a huge return to the UK festival scene in 2014, with bassist Chris Wolstenholme claiming the band currently have no plans to perform at a UK event next summer.


Hopes were high that the band might mark their 20 year anniversary with a huge festival slot, with the likes of Glastonbury, Reading + Leeds and the returning Sonisphere still unannounced. However, despite recently confirming a slot at Lollapalooza Brazil, Wolstenholme tells Gigwise that it is unlikely they will return for UK festival in 2014.


When asked directly about festival plans, Wolstenholme told us: "I don't think we will do any UK festivals until the next album is out."


Matt Bellamy has recently suggested that there will be no new Muse album before 2015.


Discussing the band's next release, Wolstenholme also adds that while their current plan is to return to a more rock sound, they will not know the shape the album is going to take until they get into the studio.


"I think it's always hard to say until you actually get in the studio because songs often end up in a very different place to where they started, but I think the initial idea is to keep things a bit rawer and more rock initially," he adds. "We will see where it takes us."


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I do prefer gigs to festivals, but I really hope they play in venues that aren't insanely small for the anniversary shows cos I'm terrified about missing out on getting tickets! Plus, sometimes the festival atmosphere can be quite nice, so it would be a bit of a shame cos they've played UK festivals pretty much every year (I think?).


I LOVE that they want to return to a rock sound - sounds fecking awesome :D But Chris is being smart about how he's wording it cos it most probably will all change by the time they start recording. Matt will prob declare he loves electronica and make that their focus, lol.

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