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Musique concrète


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I've been meaning to try stuff in the form but I always find it harder than it looks to get what I hear in my head. Maybe some day.


just get Sony soundforge record random samples of anything and let your imagination go with the editing.


that low rumble in the background of my piece is someone laughing for instance.

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Really liking that dude! Its awesome. :)

Im doing music production but one of the subjects under it is music in context which is where we are studying the likes of pierre schaeffer and karlheinz stockhausen. We just finished up on the BBC Radiophonic workshop and Delia Derbyshire. :happy:

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Anyone doing electronic music today would be dabbling in music concrete.


I did try working on a tune which was all done with samples of drilling which I'd made for a noise complaint. :LOL:



Oh and to be a pretentious snobby bastard. Stockhausen is technically not music concrete.

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are you going to post the tune with the drills? DO IT!


Never bothered to finish it, will probably get around to it at some point. Hated trying to tune a drill to try and make it fit traditional harmony. :LOL:


One of the 3SC Eps had a constant ambiant noise track throughout recorded from my bedroom window.

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