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Matt interviewed by TeleHit Mexico


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I don't think there's so much early stuff, except what was released on demo, ep etc...


http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/muse/1997/plymouth-hoe-plymouth-england-63d7a22f.html for example


I think when he said " early stuff " he thinks about showbiz b-sides, host, twin, coma, jimmy kane etc... If it's our last chance to hear these songs, well, stop complaining.



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I would like to see a progression (of rarities) as well. And if that means throwing something SUPER old on there, I think that would be very cool, actually.

Just wouldn't want to see a set comprised of things like Agitated, Coma, Host, Twin, and some really old battle of the bands stuff. :LOL:


I'm sure I put this in a thread somewhere, but it would be awesome if they did one or two highlights or rare songs from each era, in order.


Something like:






etc; chronologically in order, catering to rarities and "hardcore" fan favorites.


Not that any of this shit matters to me unless they release the videos of the gigs. :supersad:

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