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How do you like Muse songs live?


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Sing For Absolution would've been absolutely mega in the first encore of the T2L stadium tour. I wish they'd give it another chance live, seems like the BHAR tour didn't really do it justice.


This. It would've fit perfect in the b-stage encore, and could've sounded so good. I have a feeling Matt would've ditched the guitar like in Blackout, though.


I wonder though if they would perform it in the original key though, or transpose it down again. Also I wonder if Matt could hit the A4 (?) at the end.

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2003/04 was still better.


Striving to replicate the studio version =/= better live. In fact, usually worse live.


I'd much rather see Muse adapt their songs to fit guitar/piano, bass and drums alone rather than have Morgan or backing tracks adding loads of fake crap.


Agreed though, SFA could have been ace in the stadiums instead of Guiding Shite.



Note: ofc, I love Morgan.

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