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Songs and riffs that flow nicely

Spectrum IV

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Don't think this has been done before but I could be wrong.


Name some song and/or riff combinations you think would be awesome, either in a studio or live setting.


I've always loved the idea of Hysteria going into Resistance, mainly the sudden shift from 4 minutes of loudness to quiet, ambient buildup. Same applies for MotP into Follow Me really.

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Nice idea!


I like Adagio in G Minor > Resistance > Interlude > Hysteria. That sounds great, as demonstrated at Glastonbury in 2010.


Also Resistance would work great blended into the outro of Citizen Erased, for obvious reasons.

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Supremacy > Interlude + Hysteria. Flows perfectly in the recording from E-Werk. As far something that's not been done before (at least, I don't think it has), I reckon TAB or Space Dementia flowing straight into Dead Star would be a decent.

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I've been toying recently with the idea of Micro Cuts transitioning into Dead Star before the outro, then playing Dead Star until the outro, then transitioning back to the Micro Cuts outro.


Another thing I think could work is any combination of the Yes Please and Micro Cuts riffs, seeing as they're both basically the reverse of each other.

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