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Muse - Live At Rome Olympic Stadium


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Yay, screenings in both Tallinn and Tartu! :happy: Too bad that Estonia doesn't have any 4K cinemas :LOL:


I think Finland doesn't have either :LOL: at least big ones... I must travel a couple of hours to see this, but worth it! I don't care about the quality so much, but so excited and hopefully this could help me to remember details from my gig better...

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It would be nice if the checker on the website actually worked.

Had to check Cineworld's website to see it was on in Sheffield as film.muse.mu said there was no showing within 50 miles of me. :LOL:


Yeah I think it needs a bit of work. :chuckle:


Not that Cineworld is any better, given it still seems to be updating. My local Cineworld has only just started listing it, although I now like the idea of going for an outing to see it in 4K... I mean, I probably won't but I do like the idea of it.

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Does anyone have an actual list of US theaters, if any exist? The tracker says there's nothing up to 300k miles from where I live, and that seems a bit wrong...


It did the same to me if I typed in my city, but if I use my zipcode then they do show up. Not that it lets me buy anything, I get a 403 error if I click on the link! :p

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