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band relationships


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hey everybody,


This is something that might sound random and silly but it was just something I was thinking about after reading an article and seeing quite a few belldom references on this site (in signatures and stuff)


When you see the band interacting in behind the scenes things and pictures, or even on stage, there is an obvious closeness with Matt and Dom. Even with the occasional touching here or there (and dont mean that in a weird or pervy way, just like little pats on the back and whatever)


but you never really see that with Chris, in the band he almost seems like the odd one out, does anyone know if that has a reason? Are they just not as close with him? Cos after 20 years you would think all three of them are tight knit, but I dont really see that.

I do remember Matt saying in some interview that they would have split altogether before kicking Chris out of the band (in reference to his problems), but thats it



ok, end of random musings haha, just wondered what others thought about it (if anything at all)

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