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BIRTHDAY FLASHMOB for Dom at Rod Laver!


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As most of you are already well aware, Dom's birthday is on the 7th of December, the same day as the second Melbourne show.. Now, my organizational skills are appalling however I'm hoping this thread will draw some people who can help organize a happy birthday flashmob for Dom at the gig!

I think this must happen. :D

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This would be cool, we have seats though so probably couldn't be involved?


Don't underestimate the seated tickets, we need everybody to get involved, Dom is most likely gonna see it if its in the stands rather than in the moshpit. That is going by what happened in Paris. If we do a sign seats is better.

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I'm going to this gig so naturally I'm in - but I dont know what a flashmob consists of :LOL:


A flashmob in this case, is when a group of people hold up paper or balloons with lights in them to create in the stands at concert to give a message to the band, eg - in Paris they held up balloons with led lights in them and created the muse logo, in Portugal (I think it was there) they held up pieces of white A4 paper which said 'Happy Birthday Matt'.

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