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5 favorite songs from each studio album


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I'd like to do another survey, and the question is pretty obviously stated in the title. Only a couple things to note that will hopefully warrant having this thread.


- Bonus tracks (i.e. "Spiral Static", "Futurism", "Fury", "Glorious") ARE NOT counted.

- I would appreciate it if you don't count transition tracks (i.e. "Intro", "Prelude", "Interlude" as its own separate song as well. However, I'd appreciate it if you could count Exogenesis as 3 separate songs.

- You may or may not rank the 5 songs (i.e. from best to worst, or vice versa). It's up to you whether you want to spend the extra minutes.


SHOWBIZ (1999)

5. Sunburn

4. Escape

3. Muscle Museum

2. Showbiz

1. Hate This & I'll Love You



5. Space Dementia

4. Bliss

3. Micro Cuts

2. Megalomania

1. Citizen Erased



5. Endlessly

4. Butterflies & Hurricanes

3. Hysteria

2. Stockholm Syndrome

1. Falling Away with You



5. Supermassive Black Hole

4. Invincible

3. Starlight

2. Take a Bow

1. Hoodoo



5. Resistance

4. I Belong to You + Mon Cœuere Souvre A Va Toix

3. Exogenesis: Symphony (Part 2, Cross-Pollination)

2. Exogenesis: Symphony (Part 1, Overture)

1. Exogenesis: Symphony (Part 3, Redemption)


THE 2ND LAW (2012)

5. Liquid State

4. Animals

3. Panic Station

2. Madness

1. The 2nd Law: Unsustainable

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So many questions... You call these threads you make "surveys", do you ever compile the information you get from them? Of what use are they? Why always five items in the lists, why not seven or four? Why can't you just take the already existing data for this question from the rate-the-tracklist thread? Why is it so important that no one includes the japanese bonus tracks in their lists? Is it so that they don't mess up your data by having some people counting them and others not? Why not create two separete threads for people who want to specifically order the five songs in their lists and people who don't, so that the third point in your notes is nullified and your data is even cleaner?

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  • 2 years later...


1. Showbiz

2. Uno

3. Muscle Museum

4. Overdue

5. Unintended


Origin of Symmetry

1. Citizen Erased

2. New Born

3. Plug in Baby

4. Dark Shines

5. Bliss



1. Stockholm Syndrome

2. Hysteria

3. Butterflies and Hurricanes

4. Apocalypse Please

5. Time is Running Out


Black Holes and Revelations

1. Knights of Cydonia

2. Hoodoo

3. Map of the Problematique

4. Starlight

5. Assassin


The Resistance

1. Uprising

2. Undisclosed Desires

3. MK Ultra

4. Exogenesis Symphony Part 3: Redemption

5. United States of Eurasia/Collateral Damage


The 2nd Law

1. Madness

2. Survival

3. Follow Me

4. Animals

5. Supremacy



1. The Handler

2. Reapers

3. Psycho

4. Aftermath

5. Dead Inside

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