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2013.12.04 - Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Adelaide, Australia


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It will be my first muse gig :D so excited, I'm seating too

Setlist Predictions? i think we could get quite a few rarities as they missed us last time and the setlist in 2007 was great

Personally not sure on setlists! I'm going in not expecting anything too out of the ordinary unless Perth does.


Have you ever been to AEC? I've only been to Jubilee Pavilion in Adelaide so not sure what venues are like there!

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Poor Adelaidians always seem to miss out on the big gigs. It's nice that Muse hasn't forgotten. Bet the lads rock up to the Adelaide Oval to cheer on the Poms in the Ashes.

If I recall didn't they go to the cricket in Perth last tour?


Looking forward to Radelaide and the first of 5 shows. No doubt will see a few familiar faces attending multiple shows.

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