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Live Songs released oficially by Muse


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The first post states that the live acoustic version of Muscle Museum released on the Muscle Museum single is from the KCRW session (3rd August 1999). However, I can't seem to agree with this.


The MM single has a different live acoustic version to the one on the Cave EP (US promo CD) which *IS* from the KCRW session, as detailed on that release.


If you listen on the link below to the KCRW session (it's the final song) this confirms that it is the one from the Cave EP and not the one from the Muscle Museum single.




The reason I raise this is because I'm looking for information about the recording on the Muscle Museum single (CD1), as there is no detail of where and when this was recorded.


Rather confusingly, the MM single that is available digitally, such as on Qobuz, actually states "Muscle Museum (Live Acoustic Version KCRW - 8/3/99)" but is evidently not the version heard on the KCRW session link or on the Cave EP.


Can anyone offer any clarity on this please and confirm details of the MM single recording?

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