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Best sounding bootlegs


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The french broadcast of some of Reading 2011 has great quality. I also really like the swedish partial radio broadcast of their gig at Cirkus in Stockholm 2003 (gives a nostalgic feeling for me as well).


I think the audio from the App is the best for Readin 2011


I think the bootlegs on Emirates gigs are pretty poor. The best i found is this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGa5FPKjRY0

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Who cares about anything in that half except Stockholm though :phu:


Well the quality of the audio is so good that you want to have it on the phone, SMBH, Knights and UD all sound great (yes UD aswell). There's also a great singalong during HOTRS + TIRO.

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I was srs though, Turin 2 sounded less shit than expected. Drums were proper big


I'll let you off for that since you've only seen GL once, but trust me, it sounds the same every time. There's no such thing as a better or worse performance of it.

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I only have Montpellier 2012 in FLAC from this tour, it sounds good (plus it's the first proper gig of the tour).


Best ones I have are Zenith 2004, National Forum (Tokyo) 2007, Royal Albert Hall 2008 and V Festival 2008 (I think it's in-ear mix)


Kueller will definitely provide a better answer


Any chance you could point me in the direction of this? Cheers

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