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Feeling Good


Guiding Light



This is surprising. You really hate their cover of Feeling Good or the song itself on record, not just for being overplayed live? Or you find some of their more recent garbage better than Feeling Good live and on record? I am genuinely curious.

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Showbiz - Escape (I never remember this song exists so it can't ever have had an impact on me...)

Origin of Symmetry - Screenager (It's funny, I definitely don't have a lot of attachment to this album. I barely listen to Megalomania and Micro Cuts. I keep forgetting how they go...)

Absolution - Endlessly (Slow and monotonous... Can't ever be bothered with it.)

Black Holes and Revelations - Hoodoo (Controversial! Just find it a bit boring. Soldier's Poem has amazing harmonies, and Invincible builds so so well.)

The Resistance - Guiding Light (I actually quite like the rest of the album. Resistance is a little dull but not offensive.)

The 2nd Law - Explorers (Closely followed by Madness. I'm not a massive fan of Big Freeze, but the chorus is pretty epic.)


Seriouly? Escape, Hoodoo and Screenager? :eek:

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First let me say that there is no Muse song that I can actually say I dislike. There are simply my least favourite and least listened to.


Guiding Light

I Belong To You

Save Me

Ruled By Secrecy

Soldier's Poem


I'll also mention that I actually quite like Follow Me :$:LOL:

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From Showbiz... Overdue (because of the chorus)


From Origin of Symmetry... None, it's perfect!


From Absolution... Sing for Absolution - Not a bad song (specially with a good ending) but... too coldplayish or something like that, not really my thing.


From Black Holes... F*#$ing Starlight - No explanation necessary really, it's plain to see.


From Resistance... Guiding "disgraceful" Light - Too speachless to even describe why.


From The 2nd Law... Big Freeze and Explorers - When U2 meets Christmas Pop that's the result.

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Ruled by Secrecy? Give it more tries.


I'd say watch the Glasto 2004 performance with attention. That worked for me. It's my favorite slow Muse song.


Advice taken! Admittedly I do skip it quite a lot, maybe watching some live performances will help. I really do want to like it, I just can't get into it. I never have :(

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I think I might be one of the few people who like Fillip ahah don't know why I know its dreadful but I enjoy it's whinyness (i that makes sense)



Big Freeze

Guiding Light




guess those are the ones I hate the most.

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Overdue, Fillip, NSC, Guiding Light, Explorers.


Honorable mentions to: Save Me/Liquid State (Chris, stay in the bass :LOL: ), Big Freeze and Darkshines. I know, a lot of people love Darkshines, but I don't quite understand why :$. These are the only Muse songs I really dislike.

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Ruled By Secrecy... How can anyone put that? Absolution in general should be as far away from anyone's list as possible. Still, opinions people!


Fillip is a classic!


My 5:


Save Me, Liquid Stake (sorry Chris), Big Freeze, Explorers, and without a shadow of a fucking-doubt Invincible. Christ I hate that song. And obviously the second half of the 2nd Law.


edit: p.s. ^^^ Darkshines is definitely the most dispensable track on Origin. Futurism would have been a better song on the album, though conversely not a better fit.

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