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The 1st True knights Of Cydonia Cover In The World ! - DM Darkned's Made !

New Muse

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Hello ! Musers...


I'll Introduce Myself :

I'm Mr.Annonymous ! But You can Call me Leon :D

I'm 5 Stars Music Producer ! I'm very Well Known With my Musical Styles Which I Created in And Mastered ...:

- Rock (Alt,Prog,Modern,Symphonic....)

- Metal (Alt,Prog,Black,Symphonic....)

- Classical ( Dead Symphonies )

- Gothic ( Piano & Violin Track ) [Easy Listenings]

And Others ..Like Rap, And salsa , and Western And Electronic ..and so on ...

You can Google My Name You'll find My Work ! " DM Darkned" ...

However, i loved Matt's Work ! ...I mean I felt A musical knowledge through His Tracks ...Moreover :

As We all know Muse's Best song is "Knights Of Cydonia" and it's my fav's as well ...

My cover To Their is Extraordinary ! ..I didn't Repeat the Whole Song ! but i have add An Orchestra Symphony from Behind ! ...This Cover Is Classified As The best Cover That has Ever Been done for Muse ...!!

Listen And Enjoy The Show !: I'll Be Working On The Video Which Will Suite Their Song ...!

By DM Darkned ! I Present To you Knights Of Cydonia [Remodeled]. MIDI Version :



Studio Version :



Ps : The Guitar Is a MIDI guitar connected ... Reallpc 3 Samples are used in this track ! so can simply say there's no true strong play ..

My Facebook Is : https://www.facebook.com/darkned.phobier ...


All The best !


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UUh ! and What are you talking about ? stupid heads ....

i'm not mentioning the MIDI Cover ! but i shared this sound just to let you hear The creativity ...! What i added on the song ! but you are just too stupid to realize that !! ....

The true version (studio) is with me and stays only with me !! when i'm ready to put it i'll do ..now ! keep your mouth shut listen ....enough critics ...

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This Cover Is Classified As The best Cover That has Ever Been done for Muse ...!!


take For an Idiot ! is there Any Word That Look Like "Unique" to you .. :rolleyes:

Well, Then Give Me your Opinion About What i Added And Later ! I"ll Check my Mistakes ! I knoooow The sound Quality isn't in the level ! ..I Mean FL Studio Can't Do Everything So ....:LOL::LOL: It's Your Call heheh ..

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the fact is, i fucked up ! ..

actually i shouldn't be Posting The MIDI Track ..

i'm now uploading the Studio version ! Hope you all satisfied now ! ...

i just want you to listen and give your point of view ! that's all ...

All The Best !


And hey, In The MeanWhile here's a second cover I made ....It's Survival ! this is No MIDI !



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