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I love MUSE


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They're better than anything. Ever. C'est tout.

Firstly, welcome to the Muse forum :)

I just wanted to let you know there was no need to make a new thread for this topic, we already have threads dedicated to Matt, Dom and Chris and heaps of other appreciation type threads which you can find here http://board.muse.mu/forumdisplay.php?f=2

Before you make a thread for the first time you need to check there isn't a thread with a similar theme existing, or if you're really not sure send a message to the moderators who are currently Miss Blee http://board.muse.mu/member.php?u=16 and Niall http://board.muse.mu/member.php?u=30080

One of them will lock or delete this thread soon, but make yourself at home in one of the other threads, we love having new people contribute to the forum :happy:

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