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What does Dom think of being a target for flying guitars?


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Well, he was unharmed enough to grab Matt's guitar and toss it to the front of the stage :LOL:


I think Matt aims at the drumkit, not Dom. But it's that "will-it-hit-Dom" element that makes the guitar throwing more exciting. Except when it does actually land on him, of course :p

I'm sure they've hurt each other before in far more stupid ways! I'm also sure that they don't mess around with Chris because they'd be on the floor in less than two seconds :LOL:

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I swear once Matt sent Dom to hospital after sending a guitar into his arm at the end of a gig in Italy. So that and the tetanus-up-the-bum gig in Paris are the only real times Matt has given Dom a bad injury on stage, even if he has come close on dozen of other occasions.


Did Matt try guitar throwing at Nice or was he more restrained in that respect?

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When did this happen?

As said below:

Apparently in Turin in '04 (probably this one: http://www.musewiki.org/Turin_Mazda_Palace_2004_%28gig%29)


Also linked from the page is one mentioned, which is a clip from Hullabaloo where Matt throws a guitar that bounces off the roof and hits Dom in the face on the way down.


Still, if he's only hit Dom 3/4 times in 15 years or so that's actually not bad a record. Even if Dom probably won't agree.

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