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Muse's Best Guitar Riff Ever

Flor Amarillo

Best riff?  

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  1. 1. Best riff?

    • New Born
    • Plug In Baby
    • Stockholm Syndrome
    • Knights Of Cydonia
    • Survival
    • Citizen Erased
    • Supremacy
    • Take A Bow
    • Supermassive Black Hole
    • Other

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Dream Theater on the other hand have taken inspiration from Muse. Listen to "Never Enough" from Octavarium. It's like a mashup between Hysteria and Stockholm.


also Prophets of War from Systematic Chaos.

sometimes I get the feeling these songs are kinda how Muse should sound like.

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Muse ripping off DT? lol no. but maybe they should. they might get heavier if they did:LOL:


Listen from 3:03



Strumming pattern and tempo, really nothing close to a rip-off.


And Muse write heavy riffs in their own way, they don't need to be like Dream Theater to be heavy/good.

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I'd say Muse are more influenced by classic alt-metal as far as their heavy guitar parts go; Deftones, RatM, QOTSA and System most obviously, and I guess a bit of Tool on the solos (Matt's said he likes them on a few occasions but I never noticed it in his playing). Then again I've never really listened to Dream Theater.

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