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Three Dates Announced For Mexico


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even though i don't live that far away from the border, all of these cities are much farther from LA than i thought. :stunned:


guess i won't attempt to find a way to attend any of these. i didn't even take high school Spanish anyway :$


Mexico is quite big. Not as massive as the US but it's no quick drive.


I remember high school spanish. I was like a do-nothing period for me.

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There is an unusual gap of a week between the 2nd Austin show and the show in Mexico City. I wouldn't be surprised if Muse play another show in LA in that time, or sometime this fall. 3 sold out shows at the Staples Center is pretty impressive for them, and demand is certainly there for another show. I'd hold out for the possibility of another LA area show.

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I'm so happy that they finally return to my country!!!! I have had the luck to attend to their previous shows in the US and UK, but I think this one will be special...


I purchase my tickets at 11:10 and one friend told me that he try to buy them at 11:40 and he couldnt as if they were sold out :S


Muse is my favorite band!!! I'm so exited and eager to see them in october!

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We are very exiting for the answer that Mexican musers did it,

3 dates =sold out., so the three dates are now six dates at MEXICO


This muser are going to enjoy them at

Guadalajara ( 7 oct)

Mexico City (18 &19)


Waiting for a terrific setlist, a football match (Chris), Tourists in downtown (Kate, Matt & Bing) and Dominic's cheese kiss


Muser's dream!

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