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We Want YOUR Footage From Stade De France


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That's just asking for the eerie idea of a standing floor all holding cameraphones - no moving of any kind. Just staring.


Long way from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs banning phones at their gigs.


Well, it's just for a song :chuckle: I think it's a nice idea. The Joy Formidable did it for a few songs (and for a few gigs) for their recent US tour.


A tour DVD is coming...


Who would have predicted it.

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I'd hate having to use my phone.


Yup, me too. From the Muse FB post:


"We're planning to make a 'fans eye view' film of Unsustainable live from Stade de France in Paris, so if you're going to either of the two shows (21st and 22nd June) please take your mobile and record all or part of Unsustainable. "

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