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[Elpaís.com] Bellamy: "If you don't take risks, you lose the experience of failure"


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The original article is in spanish and I think the direct google translation is understandable, so...


When you talk about Muse is necessary to mention the sheer size and magnificence of their productions, of which last year saw in Madrid the version covered pavilions. Now comes the assembly for stadiums, with which the Group provides on June 7 his only concert in Spain, at the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona, ​​with a spectacular display of media the greater glory of the British trio's music.


Grandiloquent by definition, Muse maintain some distance on themselves, as expressed by their leader, Matt Bellamy: "When we started to take these large concerts, I laughed at myself with our fans in the front row. Not that we take it as a joke, is that we give a shit if the size of our performances is ridiculous or not. There is a risk that means you can end up looking foolish, but we do not care. If you do not risk, you lose the experience of failure that is typical of the mistake and makes you learn and improve. "


Size and distance, over the experience, these seem Muse keys, that Barcelona will offer a show blaring: "'ll set up a power plant with a fireplace and crazy visuals that evoke the aesthetics of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory . " It continues Bellamy, "play with designs based on the graph of our last album, evoking neuronal connections in the brain. And, for the first time in our history, there will be some players who will have ownership in two or three songs. "


Despite the magnitude of the assembly, which has nothing to do with the previously deployed Muse, the band did not want to machine their concerts: "There are some issues fixed, but it is important to have elements of improvisation, we do not want a show scheduled style Broadway "admits Bellamy. "There are fans who watch all our concerts in Montreal one said a sign saying we had seen 77 times. They somehow compel us to believe that changes but everything is perfect. "


Considering the scale of their shows, it guess if when the group already has in mind include the staging of the songs. Bellamy said: "In some cases of course they do, and have in mind ideas, concepts that can help us to stage the compositions. To me music is something also very visual and unusual worlds compose imagine. But in all cases, the first thing is the music and everything else comes after. Regardless of the dimension of the stage production, there are songs that are never played in Muse concerts. How exactly does Bellamy feel about the songs that only live on the records? "There are songs such as Falling away with you we've never played and still do not know why. Perhaps because they are more appropriate for small theaters. Many times we think that we want to play in small rooms in addition to the concert stage corresponding to the city in question. Perhaps in the future ".


Before closing the conversation, Bellamy discusses another humorous twist, only apparently incompatible with the grandeur of their proposals. "I had to build a robot of six meters high that turns for the concert venue, perhaps even the city where we play, and yells at people 'Unsustainable!'. That is touching the joke. I think it will make people laugh. Not always do things well, but we took a gamble and sometimes people just passing it better with the things we did not go well. In the previous tour had three towers, each covered by a curtain. When you had to fall, only did two: I dropped my head and Chris and fell. And I'm sure the people that made him more grace than if it had gone well. "


Read the original article on El País here.

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Says that there are some aspects of the show that are static but that is important to have improvisation elements. They know there are fans who see all of their shows, in Montreal there was someone with a sign saying he/she had seen Muse 77 times, so for that kind of people is that they make changes even when they believe everything is perfect.

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Uhhh, does this mean there was a sign they'd seen 77 times? Can't really follow the sentence...


There are fans that go see them live every concert, and at a show in Montreal a fan was holding a sign that said he'd seen them live 77 times already.

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