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Been meaning to do a run-through of their discog on guitar for a while and finally got round to doing it lately. Did Abso today so here’s what I’ve done so far, might update after I finish the last 4. Missed Jimmy Kane from Showbiz because it was already long af and I couldn’t be arsed.


Con-Science (keyboard + guitar)



Do We Need This

Pink Ego Box












Blue Valentines fiddling + Falling Down

Hate This & I’ll Love You


~Forced In~

Muscle Museum (Full)

Spiral Static



Yes Please

Agitated - Superstar (Tegan & Sara) medley w/ Execution Commentary + Micro Cuts + Dead Star + War Within A Breath + Who Knows Who + Psycho + Reapers + Freedom riffs


~What’s He Building?~

Megalomania (keyboard)

New Born (keyboard intro)

Space Dementia

Hyper Music

Plug In Baby


Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Feeling Good

Map Of Your Head

~The Gallery~

In Your World

House Of The Rising Sun

Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want

Shrinking Universe

~Bedroom Acoustics~




Micro Cuts

Dead Star

~Execution Commentary~

Citizen Erased (keyboard outro)

Hyper Chondriac Music

Shine (Acoustic) w/ Glorious SBE intro + outro



Ruled By Secrecy

Apocalypse Please

Interlude - Hysteria

The Small Print

Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist

The Groove


Time Is Running Out

Eternally Missed (keyboard intro + outro)

Endlessly (keyboard)

Falling Away With You


Sing For Absolution

Glasto intro + Butterflies & Hurricanes

Stockholm Syndrome w/ Negative Creep + School + Headup + Microphone Fiend + War Within A Breath + Who Knows Who + The Money Will Roll Right In + Dracula Mountain + Magic Mountain + Micro Cuts + Dead Star + Yes Please + Agitated - Superstar + Reapers + Endless Nameless riffs





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where would you put it?


Dig Down? In the bin?


Decided to try and do an alternate version of my last setlist where I'm not allowed to use any of the same songs. Possibly a second night for a small venue...


1. The Handler

2. Dead Star

3. Assassin

4. Futurism

5. Fury

6. Bliss

7. Showbiz

8. City Of Delusion

9. Map Of The Problematique

10. Butterflies And Hurricanes

11. Space Dementia

12. Citizen Erased

13. Ruled By Secrecy


14. Hyper Chondriac Music

15. Stockholm Syndrome


1. Apocalypse Please

2. New Born

3. MK Ultra

4. Glorious

5. Sunburn

6. Megalomania

7. Sing For Absolution

8. Eternally Missed

9. Blackout

10. Micro Cuts

11. Muscle Museum

12. Falling Away With You

13. Hate This And I'll Love You


14. Shine Acoustic

15. Take A Bow


It's a bit of a mish-mash but I don't think it's too bad...

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Another one of those small venue by request shows, because why would I make any other kind of setlsit now?



Hyper Music

MK Ultra

Thought Contagion

Map of the Problematique

Muscle Museum

Crying Shame

Butterflies and Hurricanes

Jazz Cave

New Born

The Handler

Citizen Erased

Showbiz / Ashamed Riffs



Falling Away With You





Stockholm Syndrome

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Carolina Rebellion


Dig Down

~Drill Sergeant~


Thought Contagion

Interlude - Hysteria

Supermassive Black Hole

Plug In Baby

~Isolated System~

The Handler

Butterflies & Hurricanes

Citizen Erased

~Drones D&B~


Time Is Running Out


Stockholm Syndrome

Yes Please - Agitated


The Globalist



Knights Of Cydonia

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Tecate Pa'l Norte prediction.


01. Thought Contagion

02. Interlude + Hysteria

03. Psycho

04. Map of The Problematique or Bliss

05. Plug in Baby

06. Isolated System

07. Showbiz (promissed by Dom)

08. Supermassive Black Holes

09. Take a Bow

10. Jam

11. Dig Down

12. Starlight

13. Madness

14. Time is Running Out

15. Mercy




16. Uprising

17. Knights of Cydonia

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1. Psycho

2. Map of the Problematique + Township Rebellion riff

3. Supermassive Black Hole

4. Thought Contagion

5. Hysteria

6. Showbiz

Isolated System

7. Uprising

8. Starlight

9. Butterflies and Hurricanes

10. Citizen Erased

11. Munich Jam + Mercy

12. Reapers

13. Plug in Baby

14. Time is Running Out

15. Knights of Cydonia


16. Supremacy

17. The Handler

18. Stockholm Syndrome + riff + riff + riff

19. Take a Bow


20. Space Dementia

21. Bliss (extended)

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  • 1 month later...

1. Thought Contagion

2. Psycho

3. Map Of The Problematique+Headup Riff

4. Supermassive Black Hole

5. Plug In Baby

6. Isolated System

7. Supremacy

8. Who Knows Who Riff+Time Is Running Out

9. The Handler+Negative Creep Riff

10. Interlude+Hysteria

11. Resistance

12. Starlight

13. Dead Inside

14. Reapers

15. Uprising

16. Unsustainable

17. Stockholm Syndrome+0123 Riff+Township Rebellion Riff+Endless Nameless Riff


18. Take A Bow

19. Assassin+GOB Riff

20. Knights Of Cydonia

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1. Map Of The Problematique+Township Rebellion Riff

2. Psycho (No Drill Sergeant)

3. Interlude+Hysteria

4. Crying Shame (2004/2005 Version)

5. Burning Bridges Riff+Supermassive Black Hole+Who Knows Who Riff

6. Thought Contagion

7. Take A Bow

8. Isolated System

9. Stockholm Syndrome+Micro Cuts Outro+Reapers Outro

10. Plug In Baby

11. Dead Inside

12. Ruled By Secrecy

13. Space Dementia

14. Unsustainable

15. Supremacy

16. Time Is Running Out

17. Uprising


18. Survival

19. Starlight

20. Knights Of Cydonia

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1. Psycho

2. Supermassive Black Hole

3. Thought Contagion

4. Dead Inside

5. Butterflies and Hurricanes

Isolated System

6. Showbiz

7. Plug in Baby

8. Time is Running Out

9. Starlight

10. Unsustainable

11. Dig Down

12. Maggie's Farm riff + Map of the Problematique + Who Knows Who riff

13. Bliss (extended)

14. Muscle Museum

15. Knights of Cydonia


16. Mercy

17. Stockholm Syndrome + riffs

18. Take a Bow

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1. Knights of Cydonia + Space Dementia Outro

2. Psycho

3. Assassin (ext.)

4. Dead Star

5. Stockholm Syndrome

6. Hyper Music

7. The Handler

8. Bliss (ext.)

9. Munich Jam

10. Showbiz

11. Fury

12. Time is Running Out

13. Take A Bow


14. Muscle Museum

15. New Born

16. Agitated + Riffage

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1. Close Encounters Riff+Supermassive Black Hole+Headup Riff

2. Burning Bridges Riff+Plug In Baby

3. YYZ Riff+Citizen Erased

4. Apocalypse Please

5. United States Of Eurasia

6. Hoodoo

7. Isolated System

8. Thought Contagion

9. Map Of The Problematique+Who Knows Who Riff

10. Bliss (Extended)

11. Forced In

12. Invincible

13. Starlight

14. Sing For Absolution

15. Stockholm Syndrome+Township Rebellion Riff+Execution Commentary Riff

16. Unsustainable

17. The Handler+Negative Creep Riff

18. Time Is Running Out

19. Exogenesis Symphony Part 1: Overture

20. Dead Star+Micro Cuts Outro


21. The Gallery

22. Dead Inside

23. Uprising

24. Knights Of Cydonia

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1. Assassin

2. Psycho

3. Thought Contagion

4. Map of the Problematique

5. Isolated System

6. The Handler

7. Hyper Music

8. Plug in Baby

9. Easily

10. Supermassive Black Hole

11. Bliss

12. Time is Running Out

13. Mercy



14. Falling Away with You

15. Interlude + Hysteria

16. Stockholm Syndrome


Tried to make it as within the realms of reality as I can, but hey-ho sometimes my mind just runs wild :p

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1 - Uprising

2 - Supermassive Black Hole

3 - Plug In Baby

4 - MK Ultra

5 - United States of Eurasia

6 - Time Is Running Out

7 - Starlight

8 - Stockholm Syndrome

9 - Sing for Absolution

10 - Undisclosed Desires

11 - Drill Sergeant

12 - Unintended

13 - Sunburn


14 - New Born

15 - Bliss


Might be garbage, but that's my ideal list...

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