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What would make a great opener/closer?


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They should open with Vangelis - Conquest of a Paradise (

) playing through the speakers, showing a video of the band on a pirateship fighting against bankers and aliens on Zeppelins.


Then one by one, the band members will fly onto the stage from the back of the stadium taking over parts of the song with their instruments. This is also when the stage opens up and 3 elephants with 3 women dressed as Egyptians will appear and stampede through the crowd. The song will transition into Jimmy Kane.


On a more serious note: I loved Uprising, KoC, Dead Star and Supremacy as openers. As a closer I'd take anything apart from Starlight.

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Opener: What's He Building In There? + Supremacy / We Are The Universe + Dead Star


Main Set Closer: Knights Of Cydonia / Stockholm Syndrome


Show Closer: Survival / Take A Bow


Let's hope Muse don't see this and start rotating Knights and Stockholm

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Best opener would be something like What's He Building In There/We Are The Universe into Supremacy. With Supremacy starting like it is at stadiums because the way it starts is fucking awesome


Best closer... for older Muse it'd be Stockholm. These days, probably Knights

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Bellamy will never allow Knights to be rotated.


They didn't play it at the BBC Halloween show. But omitting it once is very different from rotating it...


inb4 irrelevant



MK Ultra was the best opener I've seen, and Survival was the best closer.

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^In a quiet way could work.


For me, this songs could work as a closers:





Blackout (Matt with guitar)

Sing For Absolution

Exogenesis 3

Explorers (Go to sleeeeeep... c'mon bastards, out of my stadium)









Starlight just doesn't work in that role.

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