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Chris on Today FM with Colm O'Sullivan


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I assumed he was referring to T2L


I'm also hoping this is when the Irish stadium gig gets announced :awesome:


Surely they just mean T2L no?


Oh :LOL: it's probably that, I assumed it was the next one because it's a bit late to say T2L is "the new one" :facepalm:

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Interviewer just said they were gonna talk some "brand new music"


edit: the interview is going to be cut up and played at different parts during the 2-hour-show jfc

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The interview is basically 8 months late. It's about T2L


it was so awkward when the guy said "One of the songs you wrote is pretty much all electronic, right?" and Chris was like... "uh..... no" "oh.. ok"

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Did you get a recording of it by any chance?


I don't know how to record interviews, but I think the show will be up for re-listening again.


edit: oh the guy just said that Chris' entire interview will be up on his podcast

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