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Interval track before Muse @ Ricoh, Coventry


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Tonight (22/05/2013) before Muse came on there was a track playing through the speakers that was a rather daft punk-esque industrial sounding thing that am dieing to know what it was.


Any ideas? I tried SoundHound and Shazam whilst I was there, but no joy...


On another note, first time have seen Muse live and they utterly blew me away. Astonishingly good!


On a personal note I would rather have heard New Born than Stockholm Syndrome - they can't play everything in two hours though!


Thanks in advance.

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It's the staple pre-Muse song at every show. I hate it and love it at the same time cos I know Muse are gonna be on v soon, but the wait lasts forever! :LOL:

At the Emirates I remember jamming on along happily thinking "Good song"... 20 minutes later and it was still going. :chuckle::facepalm:

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