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Thanks! :D And now I will shut up before Fabri Kicks me out for off topic :p


I wish you the best luck and, as I said, tell me later of your experience :)


Thanks, I'll do that!


To be OnTopic: Does somebody know what the band does when it rains? I've never seen such a big stage which hasn't got a roof:)..

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I want Dead Star on Saturday... please ?



I hope, but I don't think so.

*If* they play it again I think it will be on one of the "double" dates (Paris/Turin)


Me too



Or Butterflies:unsure:


Muse, make it happen!!

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Next tuesday is Belgium's turn at Werchter festival park. Is it the only non-stadium venue of the stadium tour?


I remember 3 years ago in Nijmegen, it was also a festival park so we didn't get the UFO but got MK Ultra /Bliss /Citizen Erased. Hope we get something cool instead of the light bulb?

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