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Interview: Backstage Radio 104.5


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Last Tuesday I was lucky enough to get an invitation to interview Muse backstage at Madison Square Garden. Despite the fact they had played there before their drummer, Dom Howard, said it seemed it was even bigger than he remembered. Is that possible? We talked about the set design for The 2nd Law Tour and it was interesting to find out how much of a collaborative effort it is for the band. They also admitted to a few "Spinal Tap moments" when Dom got stuck on his drum riser in the middle of a show. I asked them how they picked their opening bands and it turns out-they're just fans! They also made a few listening recommendations. You have homework. I asked their frontman Matt Bellamy if he was serious when he said he wanted to do some crowdsurfing on this tour. Apparently he tried it out...it didn't go as planned.

Right before I wrapped up the interview, the conversation took an unexpected turn and Matt metioned their plans to "come up with a new way of touring" and used the word "theatrics." Any guesses?

Watch the full interview below



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The word "theatrics" doesn't exactly lend itself to those "scaled back" shows Matt has mentioned before. Lol. And when was the stage incident?


I can't watch the video atm. It's buffering like crazy.


It took me a lot to buffer as well. I like that they (for once!) talk about bands that they like at the moment [they mention Haim and Goat (:awesome: didn't expect that name to pop out of Matt's mouth, nice one) among others]

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I like Haim - would love it if Muse had them as support.


Haim and Foals would be an awesome one-two. With my luck I bet one of the European shows gets it.


Oh yeah, that would be close to perfection.



Muse pls get influenced by Flaming Lips and Goat for LP7, thx

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