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1. Psycho

2. The Groove

3. Bliss

4. Dead Star

5. Time Is Running Out

6. Hysteria

7. Stockholm Syndrome

8. Hyper Music

9. Starlight

10. Supermassive Black Hole

11. Uprising

12. Reapers


13. Fury

14. Plug In Baby

15. That fucking annoying harmonica + Knights of Cydonia


Goodnight everyone.

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Gig was incredible.


Matt said he had forgotten how to play Showbiz.


Matt and Chris enjoyed the crowd all squatting down before the second chorus on Plug in Baby then going mental.


The Groove sounded ace, shame not too many people got into it.

Omfg that sounds amazing

Hopefully a decent Groove video surfaces.


So Showbiz for Brighton confirmed


Wanna see that

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