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setlist.fm blocked the setlist from today,so they're editing tomorrow's setlist. This made me laugh:



Psychotic Guiding Light

Supreme Guiding Light

Time Is Guiding Light

Guiding Light Is Time

Dead Guiding Light


(Guiding Light Remix)

Reapers of the Guiding Light

Knights of the Guiding Light

Resistance of the Guiding Light

Exogenesis: Symphony, Part 1: Guiding Light

Exogenesis: Symphony, Part 3: Guiding-er Lights

Guiding Light Please

Micro Guiding Light

Hysteria (Guiding Light)

Unintended Guiding Light

Guiding Light

(with The Black Eyed Peas)


(Acapella due to all instruments breaking and band forgetting to play Guiding Light)

Supermassive Guiding Light


Guiding Light

(Acoustic Version)


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Before I say this, I appreciate that The Groove/Dead Star are rarities, but I feel that this is the weakest set on this "tour" so far. Fury and Hyper Music redeem it but I'd much rather be at the gigs where they play Uno/Futurism/Muscle Museum/Assassin or Animals.



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Was hoping to hear Showbiz, although if they had to drop Muscle Museum to a half-step down i doubt matt would be able to do Showbiz the same as the old days, I wonder if the band found out the setlist leaked and will throw a surprise song in there (Showbiz) ..in a perfect world right

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