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Coventry-setlist is my winner.


Bliss, Sunburn, Dead Star, Stockholm and Blackout of non-staples through the gigs.


Only Hysteria is missing.


agree, SDF2 let down by lack of Stockholm


Bliss, Sunburn, Dead Star, Stockholm, GL vs Map, Eurasia, Dead Star, New Born, B&H.


SDF2 wins.

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Map is better than Bliss imo. And New Born was faster in the stadium tour


And what makes SDF2 better is the lack of GL, replaced by B&H.


After seeing Bliss in Berlin I think it's in the top 5 of their live songs, which Map isn't at all for me. Haven't seen New Born yet, but I think I'd still prefer Stockholm. With Headup riff I'd be a little in doubt though. :)


And since I think Guiding Light is a nice song and enjoy it live, it's lack doesn't make a difference for me.


If Bliss had been in SDF2 it would've clearly been the best.

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Helsinki still had Guiding Light, which is a mark against it. I'd say SDF2 is probably the winner of the stadium setlists.


Getting Bliss and Dead Star was great at Emirates 1, although Stockholm and Butterflies instead of New Born and Guiding Light would've made it legendary.


But Helsinki also had Sunburn and two random b-sides that hadn't been played in 12 and 13 years. I'd say that's up there with getting a B&H + Dead Star + No GL gig.

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