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Muse Concert Camera


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I'm attending my first Muse concert in Dallas on the 13th of March, and i was wondering if my camera would be allowed in. I'm not really sure if it qualifies as a professional camera, but its a Sony NEX-5R with microphone.



Also, what are the guidelines on crowd surfing?

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Any camera which has a detachable lens is classed as a 'professional' camera to stewards and the like. I know your camera model is technically considered as a compact camera, but not all stewards know this; hence the common statement of 'detachable lens = professional camera = banned from venue'. You could, of course sneak your camera in, but the risk is entirely up to you and whether any of the stewards catch you with it. You can risk losing your camera altogether or being taken out of the venue.


The best thing to do is consult the website for your venue. Often the terms and conditions on the back of your ticket will state whether photographic equipment is banned or not. If you cannot see this then give them a call.


As for crowd surfing, most venues ban this, but it is up to you to risk getting thrown out of the concert by stewards. I would appreciate listening to Muse's performance more than having to worry about being held up long enough by an already irritated crowd who have paid good money to watch the performance.

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