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royalty free photos


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I'm gonna reply to myself here :p So I found some stock photos on iStockphoto but it says "editorial use only" on them, what does that mean? Can I use them to make posters and stuff if I intend to maybe sell them? Or if someone here has some cool photos from gigs etc I could steal ;) Its just that I asked my printer (print24) and they said I shoudl be 110 percent sure that I have the rights..


So anyone know how this works? please :(

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Hi Jon,

if you want to use material for private use it should be OK. But if you want to sell them I assure you that it´s not legal and you could get in trouble.

I´m working for the advertising industry and have some experience with buyouts and that kind of stuff. If you want to try it anyway you will need permission from:

- the person which is showed

- the rights holder (e.g. record label)

- photographer


I guess it´s not what u hoped to read...:(

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