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Playing Unsustainable


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Hi guys, new around here and don't know if this has been asked before, but what it Matt actually playing during live versions of Unsustainable. I know the guitar tech is doing the whammy, but what is he hitting? Any answers much appreciated, Arjun

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Well, this is what I play which for the most part seems accurate. At least going by the making of video (a couple of bits seem different live but it's the same note). Highlighted the main bits I'm unsure of in yellow, but they still sound ok

















I can't do the whole strumming behind the nut thing on my guitar so yeah. That's what works with my MIDI file



I play it different from that, but then I'm not using the same MIDI file

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Thanks, I'll give that tab a go tomorrow. I assume that's with the detune set to -1 and the whammy to +1. Also, whats the midi file you are using?


That's with guitar into Whammy 5 (with expression and mode controlled by MIDI) into an Ultimate Octave with octave up on.


Does this link work? https://www.dropbox.com/s/bhiv0xg6971y3j3/Unsustainable%20MIDI%20Whammy.zip


That version isn't quite complete, the verse isn't quite done there

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I don't know whether the DT has different midi settings for the different modes but if it doesn't then the file I linked should work well enough


I think that the settings the Whammy 5 has are the same MIDI commands on the DT, but obviously the DT has more settings that can be controlled. Also the DT settings are a lot clearer than the Whammy settings. For example, Oct -1 on the DT side sounds a lot better than Oct -1 with the Whammy part. Strange but true. Something to do with the Whammy side needing the ability to pitch bend quickly I'm guessing.

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Dominic, what chords do you play between 2min26 and 2min50 ?

I've heard that Matt tunes his guitar in AADGBE for this song, but I'm not sure...


1:58 to 2:50 is just single notes all on the A string


A--0-----8-----5-----7-----3------5------0------0------ x2


Fancy bits are done with the whammy to make it go weeoo, which I've got closer but still not perfect. If you watch the making of or just listen you can work out the picking pattern

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I'm working on a patch for Unsustainable atm (in Guitar Rig using an Envelope Filter as Cubase refuses to install on my laptop) I have the drop completed (It is the same pattern for both drops isn't it? there's just a different note or two in the second drop right?) but I'm having trouble working out the pattern for the part after the first drop where Matt plays single notes on the A string and makes them go Weeeee! and Woooo! with the whammy.


Has anyone got an image for the whammy pattern so I have a rough idea for this part? I remember seeing one somewhere around here but I cannot seem to find it again :/ Oh and the electronic hissing type sound that can be heard after the first drop just before the heavy drums and second reporter speech is a Kaoss Pad isn't it?

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Having never seen anyone tab the actual live version of this song I decided to learn and tab it myself. So here's the actual live version of unsustainable (with the different middle bit) as Matt plays it. Only I did it with a real whammy pedal no cheating midi program auto whammy.


For anyone interested check it out and if you want I can post a quick notepad file of the tab.


Recorded direct input into my laptop so quality is good.



[/soundcloud] Edited by Citizen_Eraser
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please can i have help getting that midi file..monies could come your way ;)


the guitar cover sounded great, something tells me matt has the OC2 running at the same time just something about the tone he had in the studio.


If you're referring to mine there is no midi file. I recorded it just direct into my laptop with a whammy pedal. Actually doing the pitch shifting manually.

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I know a couple of people were interested in this. Here's my Logic file of it. Not 100%


Citizen eraser's verse thing is definitely a lot better than mine




manage get the file dude cheer, there one problem its set as logic file(understandable :p )

can logic just mix down just as a .midi file?

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