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Muse feature in Rolling Stone


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What's wrong with plugging a guitar into an amp and playing it? It just sounds better. Matt's guitars sounds glitchy half the time. Hysteria has absolutely no beef at all any more.


Bring back the 2004-era setup. The Bomber sounded monstrous.


Is there a post of yours where you don't mention how amazing Muse were during the Absolution tour? :LOL: personally I hated his vocal distortions, so I'm not that fond of some of the song versions from that era.

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I thought it was much more unbalanced in the past, especially cos Matt used to do most of the interviews and they seem to split press duties in a different way now.


I think it's just that Matt is the creative lead and he's extremely good at it. He's also the frontman. So he gets the majority of attention. Maybe people are just a bit sensitive to it on here. Though the secret to success being finding "a matt bellamy" was probably pushing it a bit too far on the insensitivity side. :LOL:


Matt couldn't have done Muse on his own but he is especially talented, it has to be said. :ninja:

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You know, based on the first half of this article and his behaviour in interviews and stuff, it really wouldn't surprise me if Matt had adhd or something. Please note, I'm not saying that he does or trying to diagnose him or something, I'm just saying that it wouldn't surprise me.


But anyway, love the article, especially the ending :supersad:

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