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We want an original song competition, Muse inspired!


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First prize

Muse sings their song on their next record + touring with Muse!


Second Prize

Band gets to tour with Muse.


Third prize

Flying tickets (including hotel) from anywhere around the world + concert + meet the band and chat.



1. The song should be original but Sound like Muse - instrumentally and vocally.

2. Records to be inspired from - Showbiz, Origin, Hullabaloo, Absolution, Black holes.

Note: The new records are nice but The sound is not as unique as the first ones.

3. This forum will choose the hundred finalists.

4. Judges for hundred finalists - Muse themselves.

5. Anyone worldwide can enter via soundcloud link. Better than Youtube because only the song and sound are being judged.

6. No submission fee!



Who's with us?


Here is our original and first candidate, for now on Youtube,


Bring yours too!



This is just an idea, not an official declaration,

but if enough people want it,

together, maybe we can make it happen!

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First prize

Muse sings their song on their next record




But seriously, no. :LOL: They can cover it as a B-side but not an album track. And I don't really get the point of playing someone else's songs when Muse can write their own. I'd consider determining the tracklist for the next album as a poll kind of thing.. Or they can provide a poll in which we choose which songs that they first play live should be recorded for the album. Or something, I'm just babbling by now.

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