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Q&A: Chris Wolstenholme talks gear, the scary stage setup and more!


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really entertaining interview, esp enjoyed the parts about the stage + gear




PV: Any scary moments with that pyramid?

CW: There were a few. There’s one moment toward the end of the main set where we stand around the drum kit and the pyramid comes right to the floor and swallows us up. And it’s very easy to forget what’s going on when you’re playing a big, fat heavy riff and enjoying yourself—it’s easy to forget that there’s about three tons of steel that’s moving down in your direction.


So the first couple of gigs, I nearly got hit by the pyramid because I was too far out, head banging away and just being absorbed by the show. But you soon remember. All it takes is one little knock on the head and you’re like, ‘Oh, hell no! I will not do that again!’

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