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Monthly Photography Challenge Thread: June/July - Selfies


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I don't know what Matthijs wants to do with regards to new threads (i'd vote as having one discussion thread with a history of competitions and winners in the first post or something, and monthly voting threads). Anyway, I won January so February will be:


Reflections. Shoot and submit by Thursday February 28th, 1 week of voting after that.


I liked the suggestion when it was made for the first month so I thought i'd go with that.

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I wouldn't think that would be allowed either! The point of 365 is to take a photo every day, not just upload one you took 3 years ago.


This. 365 projects are about to shooting a photo every day for 365 days, not upload a photo every day for 365 days.




If I had a giant puddle somewhere I would have a good idea of what to shoot for this theme ha. But there's been no rain :/

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