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Somehow, it keeps redirecting me to BBC One. :rolleyes:


This one should work in Germany (it works here in Austria): http://schoener-fernsehen.com/live/stream/en/UKITV/ITV%201/


Maybe it works in other countries, too.


That works for me, but I the audio quality sounds worse for me than the other one.


about 2 and half hours


Oh boy looks like I'm missing this.

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Those pictures (http://t.co/YRWPPKhh) show Matt with his Madness glasses on, so I think that pretty much confirms Madness and Supremacy.


I don't see any glasses pics from the rehearsal, though.


Yeah, I was just going to say that. The only pictures on there where Matt's wearing glasses is from that Italian TV show appearance in November.

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