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Constricted (Original Song)


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The lyrics got quite a bit of love on my lyric thread, with quite a few people interested in hearing how it would work in song... so I did a quick acoustic version for you guys!


My band will be recording it fairly soon in a few weeks, so I will post the full version when it's done!







So now it comes to pass / that all turns to dust,

Your vibrant eyes / the ones that used /

to call from the wreckage/ and keep me alive...

Now they've lost / their shimmer / and crumble,

I hear your voice / as you falter and stumble,

Your soul is arrayed / with the trinkets of torment.



I will suffer

For you no more

You've burnt your bridges

And your memories are drawn

The skies will sear

As God's patience is worn

And I no longer love you


(verse 2)

Countless years / spent searching for dawn

The light of the sun / such a distant / memory for all

And though my heartbeat spreads chills all around me

My mind is a fire / my body a foundry

You cheated me once / I'm no longer alone






Falling away, falling away from you

And I'll whisper your name, falling away from you

Too little, too late, falling away from you

So sick of the games, falling away from you

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