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ROUND 1 Kit & tab factor winter 2012!

Lord MFC


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So, here it is...


Each person is allowed to vote for TWO different entries (the poll will be public so we can see if you've voted for more than two :p)


This round's brief was to record a cover of any song, including Muse! Next round will be only songs from The 2nd Law.


Listen: https://soundcloud.com/jamiehaas/sets/kit-n-tab-round-1


ENTRY 1 (a christmas elves version to dodge copyright! terribly sorry!):


















Cheers! :)

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Decided to only vote for 1 entry if that's allowed just because I felt there was quite a margin between number 5 and all of the others. Didn't have time to put anything together myself for this in the end, maybe in the summer if it happens again.


That's fine! It seems rawrsomesauce did the same

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