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Digital Artwork (also Muse related <3 and 3D stuff)


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Hi everyone,


I really like to make digital drawings so here are a few of my drawings ;)


Matthew Bellamy (who didnt recognize it?! :p) - ask google for the beautiful background



Happy Holidays card 2012



Water Goddess (I know some things are wrong, like the boobs :p)



And I also make 3D work :)


Like this tank I made last week



A mill for a game I work on



A fern also for the same game



And a playground also for the same game



So I hope you like it, then I can post more of those art :p

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thx for your comment. I am currently building a game with a team of gamedesigners in a company. It is called Folded Flyer, an iPad game you can find it in the appstore. The game was already available for iPad when I was coming in the company so not completely from scratch. :)



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